Personal Journey

Step into the extraordinary journey of my life, where resilience and transformation have shaped my path.

Born and raised in Cyprus, my story weaves through the landscapes of both the UK and Cyprus, leaving an indelible mark on my soul.

From a tender age, I faced unfathomable challenges, including the heart-wrenching loss of both parents within months of each other when I was just five years old. Foster care, the weight of caring for my disabled grandmother, neglect, grief, and the shadows of childhood trauma followed me relentlessly.

By the age of 12, I had endured the departure of my beloved grandparents, and to date, house moves that spanned multiple countries over 27 times, and the trials of a failed marriage.

Yet, through the depths of darkness, a relentless spirit ignited within me. I refused to let my circumstances define me. The chapters of my life unfolded with painful pages: the loss of five precious babies, the agony of stillbirth, and the haunting memories of traumatic pregnancies and births. The weight of chronic illness, the threat of prison, and the spectre of mental illness cast their shadows. I even faced homelessness alongside my husband and three children. These trials, meant to shatter me, instead became the crucible that forged my unique gifts and strengths.

I do not share these experiences seeking pity, but rather to reveal the remarkable resilience that blossomed from the depths of my pain. They birthed within me an unparalleled sensitivity to the suffering of others, a wellspring of compassion, and an innate ability to read hearts and souls. My intuitive faculties sharpened, merging seamlessly with my fervent desire to heal, to pave a path of light for myself and my children, and to break free from the shackles of generational trauma.

Nature, in its awe-inspiring grandeur, became my solace and sanctuary. With each passing season, I found solace in the whispering winds, solace in the dance of sunlight through the leaves, and solace in the steadfast presence of trees. A deep connection to the natural world permeates my being, infusing my work with the power of nature’s healing embrace.

Now, at the age of 48, my fervent desire has guided me on a profound journey of self-discovery and learning. I have pursued a multitude of skills, an alchemical blend that empowers me to fulfil my soul’s calling as a writer of therapeutic books. I have immersed myself in the study of counselling skills, life coaching, creative counselling therapies, animal-assisted therapy, clinical hypnotherapy, family constellation work, and the transformative power of bibliotherapy. With a penchant for the written word, I have delved into therapeutic writing and journaling, harnessing their healing potential. From the stage of public speaking, I discovered the strength of finding one’s voice, amplifying its power to create positive change. My thirst for knowledge led me through Bob Proctor’s transformative “Thinking into Results” nine-month intensive program and the prophetic activation of spoken words.

Before this transformative journey, I embraced the realm of culinary arts as a self-taught chef, collaborating with my husband to establish a renowned, award-winning tea room on the Wirral Peninsula, in England. My culinary prowess even earned me a place as the only self-taught chef in a national televised food competition, standing tall among the top ten finalists. This experience epitomizes the remarkable capacity of our minds and bodies to master new skills when driven by determination. In my earlier years, my passion for animal welfare fuelled my work in the field, ultimately leading me to study animal-assisted therapy, where the healing bond between humans and animals blossomed.

Yet, my journey of growth and expansion continues, as I seek to enrich my skills and evolve into the woman I aspire to be. Nestled at the foot of Hope Mountain in North Wales, I reside alongside my Cypriot husband, our three home-educated children, and our cherished companions: Poppy, our endearing dog (and the star of my first published book, “Poppy’s Miracle”), and Melon, our beloved cat.

Now, as I enter the next chapter of my life, my vision emerges with radiant clarity. I aspire to be a beacon of healing and transformation, harnessing the power of words to reach hearts and souls.

Do you want to know about my first book? Read on…

Poppy’s Miracle

Ten-year-old Alex doesn’t want to go on holiday to Greece with his family.

The only advantage is being far away from Jason, who bullies him for having ADHD. What Alex doesn’t realise is that this holiday will change his life forever when he meets a stray, abandoned puppy. When the puppy is injured, Alex is determined to care for her and take her back home to England.

Can Alex and his family overcome the mountain of challenges to reach his dream? And can he prove to his family that ADHD is a gift, not a disorder?

Will determination be enough…

Poppy's Miracle, Children's book

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