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Poppy’s Miracle


Ten-year-old Alex doesn’t want to go on holiday to Greece with his family.

The only advantage is being far away from Jason, who bullies him for having ADHD. What Alex doesn’t realise is that this holiday will change his life forever when he meets a stray, abandoned puppy. When the puppy is injured, Alex is determined to care for her and take her back home to England.

Can Alex and his family overcome the mountain of challenges to reach his dream? And can he prove to his family that ADHD is a gift, not a disorder?

Will determination be enough to make this miracle come true?

This book, written in dyslexia-friendly font, also includes journal pages with activities to help the reader process, understand and celebrate themselves and their gifts.

Based on a true story.

This is a fabulous book to read with your child, grandchild, foster child, or if you are a therapist or teacher, carer, working with children, mentoring them to celebrate themselves and know just how beautiful they are.

I love your book and will look at buying a hard copy. It has given me a feel, and insight of ADHD.  I mentioned it to a parent today and they never realised materials, tastes and textures were affected by it. 

I could use it in a variety of ways,  

  • Compassion 
  • Resilience  
  • ADHD 
  • Uniqueness 
  • Empathy 

Thank you so much for writing it! 

Hypnotherapist. Psychotherapist Counsellor. Youth Mindfulness Coach. Amber Rose Wellbeing

Your book, I love the story and that it is true, what a lovely family! 

I think this would be great for use with younger children.  I thought it would be a useful tool for primary ages within a group setting, and incorporate it into story time, maybe a chapter each day, with relevant activities around the subject because even the neurotypical children could make good use of it also.  I did a large bit of a PGCE a few years ago and could think up a really good lesson plan around the book. 

I loved the back of the book though with the worksheets etc… a brilliant idea! 

Sarah Davies
RegMBACP Accred Talkroom Counselling

“Loved the story of Poppy’s rescue from Greece. The writer paints a picture of the ups and downs of difference from the perspective of the whole family. Wonderful clear tips on what can help and encouragement to accept yourself and encouragement to have the best life possible by embracing your uniqueness and finding the best way forward”. 

Stella Neophytou
Grief counsellor

“Omg what a moving book not only on the Poppy journey front but on exploring emotions and allowing children to express their feelings. Truly heart felt read, well done Michelle. As a therapist myself who has heard adult stories of their struggle with their neurodivergence as they are trying to find their way in the world if they had this when they were younger it would have been a great help and great resource” 

Karen Font
Coach, therapist and founder of the podcast ‘You are more than your labels’

“Huge congratulations on your beautiful book, I absolutely loved it!  What a fantastic story! 

I really liked all the ideas and worksheets included at the back as I feel it really gives the reader the ability to interact with the story at a deeper level.  I especially liked the permission to write in the book and make it your own! 

I thought about it from the perspective of working with SEN children and I felt it really lends itself to use in small group work with children who also have a diagnosis of ADHD.  I think it’s got some great group work discussion opportunities to maybe get a group to identify characteristics of ADHD and how they relate those to themselves.  To expand on that I could imagine then broadening the discussion to look at strategies people use to help with some of the characteristics. 

I also felt that there was room to expand a discussion around bullying and look at strategies for that too.  It would be a good lead-in for teachers perhaps to work on how individual schools deal with bullying and flag processes and procedures in place for reporting etc. 

It could also be lovely to look at some of the ADHD characteristics as superpowers – the section where Nana talks about the positives – and perhaps, depending on the age group, have children expand some of these to create their own ADHD superhero bespoke to them”. 

Claire Luxford
Counsellor and Accredited Member of the BACP

“Michelle, I am sitting here with tears streaming down my face after just having finished your beautiful book. 

The whole story is so moving and the work sheets at the back are really incredible” 


Marie Crawford 
Retired Occupational Therapist and founder of Hafod Moor Alpaca therapy farm. 

“Poppy’s Miracle by Michelle Foulia is a beautifully written and illustrated book. It shows the importance of rescue pets, and the value these pets can have in the lives of neurodiverse children. A warm, life-affirming and important book, full of essential information and exercises to help young readers” 

Bob Stone
Owner, Write Blend Bookshop, Waterloo, Liverpool

“ADHD. Four letters, for four long words – Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder. Alex hated these letters. He felt like someone had taken a huge sticker and plonked it straight on his forehead, like the only thing that defined him as Alex was his disorder.” 

Poppy’s Miracle tells the tale of the remarkable friendship between a ten-year-old boy and an unwanted street dog – while sending a powerful message about the celebration of difference.

Part fiction and part therapy, Poppy’s Miracle provides prompts for journaling, drawing and conversation, all designed to inspire children to celebrate their ADHD diagnosis as a gift rather than a label to be feared or ashamed of.

Drawing on her own ADHD experience and that of her son’s, Michelle Foulia’s debut is a moving tribute to the dog they rescued while on holiday in Greece while providing practical help for neurodivergent children. In the first week of its release, Poppy’s Tale took the Number 1 spot in Amazon’s ‘Books for Children with Disabilities’ and the Number 2 position in ‘Children's Diaries’.

Poppy’s Miracle, written by Michelle Foulia with artwork by Amanda Meaden, published by TAUK Publishing.

A percentage of the profits from the book will go to Hafod Moor Alpaca Therapy Farm in North Wales as well as two charities that were instrumental in getting Poppy to the UK – Compassion for Greek Paws in Greece and Green Animal Rescue in Greece.  

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