Speaking Words of Healing and Power

Finding my voice has been the most empowering and transformative discovery of my life’s journey through complex and developmental trauma, neurodivergence and adversity. For most of my life I have been shut down, suffocated, made to feel I had nothing of value to bring to the table. Gradually, I started using my voice by writing. Then, one by one, as people started to share the impact of our conversations, I felt confident that I could also use my voice to speak. But I speak when I have something of value to bring. When I carve a message that will empower others to leave transformed in some way, and equipped to change their lives for the better. I use my speaking engagements to share the power of words for healing. 

Every word that leaves our mouth has creative power. How we use that power and what words we speak are entirely our choice. We are responsible for what we bring forth and how we make someone feel 

“Everything begins with a thought – a word- and leads from there.”

The Science

Experiments have been carried out by scientists on the effect of words on water molecules and plants, speaking degrading, horrid words and then kind, loving words and comparing the shape of the molecules, noticing a stark difference. When kind and loving words were spoken, the water molecules changed into stunning crystal-like shapes, but to the degrading insulting words, they took horrible ugly forms.

Similarly, when a plant was spoken to nicely, it thrived and bloomed but when spoken to insultingly, and unlovingly, it withered and died.

Such is the effect of our thoughts and words to our own mind, body and soul, and to the mind, body and souls of the people we direct our words at. 

This fascination with the healing power of words has led me to become a therapeutic coach, hypnotherapist writer and speaker.

Using the power of my words, I can speak at your school, college, university, corporate event, wellbeing event, retreat, virtually or in person healing the world, one WORD at a time.

“Words are pale shadows of forgotten names. As names have power, words have power. Words can light fires in the minds of men. Words can wring tears from the hardest hearts.”
― Patrick Rothfuss. The Name of the Wind 


“Michelle spoke at our virtual well-being event for Hoola Nation members and run a workshop on The Power of Words. The workshop was wonderfully engaging, fun and informative. Michelle covered so many useful points for understanding the power of words and demonstrated great ways to utilise simple, freely available and effective principles. She has a calming yet vibrant energy which makes her an engaging speaker. I could not recommend her highly enough”

Sasha Kenney, Hoola Nation, UK.

‘We Mind The Gap’ is a social mobility charity that operates across the North West and North Wales. Since 2014, we have been giving new opportunities in life and work to young people who deserve better. We fill any gaps in their lives with unashamed love, support, and care.