It’s not just about the weight! Holistic Weight-Release without dieting and guilt


  • Are you a woman over 40 struggling with stubborn weight gain?
  • Have you battled with weight much of your life, yoyo dieting and piling it all back on again?
  • Are you frustrated with not being able to wear the clothes that make you feel good?
  • Do you feel you can’t express the woman that you are in your current weight?
  • Are you tired of taking medication for different conditions that can be resolved through weight loss and exercise?
  • Do you want to start hobbies but your weight and health are holding you back? Maybe its dancing, hiking, paddleboarding, or even travelling.
  • Are you tired of compromising on your dreams for the future, fearful of aging with ill health, and lack of mobility?
  • Do you feel held back in your relationships or career because of your weight?
  • Are you ready to claim back your confidence, dreams, your desires, and your life and enter the next season slimmer, healthy, and vibrant?


I can help you do just that.



My name is Michelle.

I am 48 and for years have battled a severe lack of confidence, and self-acceptance for pretty much all my life.

Being the daughter of a 6-foot fashion model inadvertently puts much pressure on the child to be admired as much as her mother.

Although I lost my mother when I was 5, growing up the family would comment on how beautiful she was followed by “You took after your father’s side” which to me meant I wasn’t beautiful.

I stopped growing at 5,2 following the death of my grandparents, at age 13. All my life I felt ugly, short, fat, which for me meant unacceptable and unlovable.

 It has taken some deep work to get to the root of my toxic beliefs, to work through them, to find my truth, to liberate myself from the people-pleasing and need for the affirmation of others, to heal, to build self-confidence, and to learn to love myself unconditionally.

 During this deep work, I also learned how to nurture my body with the right foods, how to adopt forms of exercise that worked for me, and how to rewire my mind to think positively.

 The change has been incredible as other things fell into place that I hadn’t considered. This journey has highlighted areas in my life I never connected to my weight and self-image battle. It also showed the root of my difficulties which go as far back as early childhood.

 Working through the root upwards, I have liberated myself from self-sabotaging beliefs, recreated my life, liberated myself from my toxic mindset, and reclaimed my life. I can now live in the present with joy, excitement, and creativity, and look forward to the future without the dread that held me back for decades.

 Pursuing my calling as a healer, I have trained in a multitude of skills, such as energy healing, counselling skills, life coaching, creative counselling therapies, animal-assisted therapy, clinical hypnotherapy, family constellation work, bibliotherapy, therapeutic writing, and journaling.

Most recently I completed Bob Proctor’s (The Secret) transformative “Thinking into Results” nine-month intensive positive psychology programme.

Let me tell you about the programme which I lovingly called ‘The Journey’ because this isn’t just another dieting programme to tick off a list or to dread and want over and done with.

 This is a time to pause, take stock of your life, your dreams, and your desires, and carve the path to achieve every single one of them with excitement, joy, and anticipation.

This is about your growth into the woman inside you who wants to get out of her hiding place and LIVE!

Real results come only from deep work.

There is no fast way, no quick-fix solution, that’s why diets or weight-loss programmes don’t work in the long run. Unless we trace the root of the weight gain, we cannot change anything.

We end up dealing with the symptoms – the weight- but the root is still firmly in place, leading to the weight gain as soon as the programme, or holiday is over, or as soon as a challenging situation comes our way and leads us back to binge or comfort eating.

My signature programme (journey) addresses every area in a holistic whole-woman approach. It is longer than some programmes because we go deep and uproot the issues that will lead you to the life you have been desperate to live.

It is a time of coming together in a safe, honouring, confidential space to be real with one another, support, encourage, uplift and celebrate one another, and get results which are unique to each one. There will be no weighing scales, no sharing of personal information, no comparing weights or sizes, or other shaming methodologies. We are women growing towards the third or fourth age with wisdom, and experience and we will treat one another as the incredible and beautiful women that we are.


The Journey

Module 1: Understanding the Weight-Root Connection

Explore the link between childhood experiences and current weight issues

Identify and understand your personal triggers and patterns

How childhood experiences can impact adult behaviours and weight


Module 2: Mindset and Emotional Well-being

Part 1

Emotional eating and its underlying causes

Strategies for developing a positive body image, self-love and self-acceptance

Tools to manage stress, anxiety, and emotional challenges related to weight loss

Part 2

Rewiring the mind for success

Understanding the power of your words and thoughts

Healing the inner child and connecting to higher self


Module 3: Nutrition and Healthy Eating Habits

Balanced nutrition and portion control

Practical strategies for meal planning, grocery shopping (read those labels), and healthy cooking

Common misconceptions about diets and developing a sustainable approach to eating


Module 4: Physical Activity and Exercise

The importance of regular physical activity for weight loss and overall well-being

Exercise doesn’t have to be boring! Options for exercise routines suitable for different fitness levels

Finding enjoyable forms of exercise and developing a consistent routine


Module 5: Lifestyle and Behaviour Change

Explore behaviour patterns and habits that contribute to weight gain

Setting realistic and achievable goals

Tools for tracking progress and maintaining motivation throughout the journey


Module 6: Self-Care and Stress Management

The importance of self-care practices for overall health and weight management

Techniques for stress reduction, relaxation, and self-soothing

How to prioritize your own well-being and develop healthy coping mechanisms


Module 7: Building a Supportive Environment

The significance of a supportive network in achieving weight loss goals

Strategies for overcoming social and environmental challenges

Navigating relationships and communicating your needs effectively


Module 8: Long-Term Maintenance and Self-Sustainability

Strategies for sustaining weight loss and preventing relapse

Methods for maintaining motivation and accountability

Develop a personalized plan & vision for ongoing self-care and healthy living

This journey is right for you if:

  • You are tired of the battle of weight, and self-image, of trying so many things and not making progress, ending up disappointed, disheartened, and guilt-ridden.


  • You are ready to make a long, and lasting change.


  • You are 100% committed to showing up to every meeting and doing the required tasks for the duration of the journey. Showing up is not just out of respect for yourself, but for the other participants who will be holding space for you, and you for them. We are all in this together. The sessions will NOT be recorded, to ensure confidentiality, and I will not be able to go over any sessions with you if you miss them.


  • You have an open heart, and mind to alternative ideas, methods, and tools, that might help you.


  • You are open spiritually and not bound by religious or philosophical concepts set in stone.


  • You enjoy writing, and journalling. We will be using intuitive journalling throughout the journey.


  • You love reading and are willing to read some or all of the books that will be recommended, as these will help empower, equip you, and establish the knowledge necessary for your success.


woman facing away towards a beautiful view

The Format

We will meet twice per week online via Zoom, for 8 weeks

The first call each week will be the teaching/learning call, going through each module

The second call each week will be a coffee/tea call to discuss our progress, questions, and worries, and to encourage one another.

There will also be invited specialists to some of our coffee calls such as a trained nutritionist/dietician, and a styling coach, each helping you carve your personal plan.

Online community. I will create a Facebook Group for those who want to be part of a small community of women like you. This is entirely optional and not necessary. Some people love the option of a community on FB others prefer to stick to our calls only, and either is fine.

Butterfly emerging from its cocoon


Module 1

6th of September 2023 at 19.00 BST (UK)       

Module 2

13th of September 2023 at 19.00 BST (UK)

Module 3

20th of September 2023 at 19.00 BST (UK)

Module 4

27th of September 2023 at 19.00 BST (UK)

Module 5

4th of October 2023 at 19.00 BST (UK)

Module 6

11th of October 2023 at 19.00 BST (UK)

Module 7

18th of October 2023 at 19.00 BST (UK)

Module 8

25th of October 2023 at 19.00 BST (UK)


We will start our coffee calls on Fridays from the 8th of September 2023 until Friday the 27th of October 2023.

Next Step

If you love what you have read so far, and want to take part in the beta test of this journey, click the link to schedule a 15-30 minute call, or email me at simply for you to see if you connect with me, as you will be spending a whole 8 weeks with me 😊

The cost of the group programme will be £550 for the 8 weeks but the beta price for the first 15 participants will be just £225!


I cannot wait to have you onboard and be part of this incredible journey with you, to encourage you, uplift and celebrate you! Let’s connect and get started!


With my warmest wishes




“For years I have been struggling with weight loss without a permanent solution. I would lose weight, feel great and then put it all back on again and feel depressed, and suicidal. It was affecting my self-image and confidence. I was desperate so I considered coaching with hypnotherapy with Michelle, and I am glad I did!

During my in-depth initial consultation with her, I realised I had a food addiction connected to my past experiences as a child. I was completely unaware of this connection and had unknowingly been sabotaging myself for decades!

 Always in and out of depression, I used food for consolation, affirmation, and comfort.

Even though our sessions were done virtually as I live overseas, Michelle created a safe, trusted, confidential, and relaxing atmosphere. The sessions were tailor-made to my needs, taking into account every detail such as sensitivities to noises, my way of learning and processing information, my required pace, the use of language, and so much more.

She then led me through a powerful, deep, and amazing hypnotherapy session to address the root causes of my weight issues.

After just one week following the end of our coaching and hypnotherapy together, I started to release weight, felt more confident, and most importantly, I didn’t gain it back. Through valuable tools, and guidelines she equipped me to help myself, helped me gain control over my life, and fulfill my goal. I am slimmer and more confident and whenever I feel bad, I travel with my mind to my happy place, feel the harmony, and put myself on the right track again!

My dream goal was to celebrate my important milestone birthday wearing a specific outfit I had dreamed of for years, my red lipstick, high heels, and accessories, and to go out with my husband, daughters, and friends partying. I did just that and felt AMAZING!

I also feel healthier, brighter, clearer, and feel joy, something I never felt for decades in the past.

Thank you Michelle for being so kind, professional, and helpful!”
Lia A.

Book a Discover Call with me

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During this 30-minute informal, laid-back call, we will go through a  few questions to

  • Get to know one another.
  • Clarify or identify your needs and any stuck points.
  • See if we are aligned with one another to ensure I can serve you in the best way possible.

There will be no obligation to book any of my services, this is simply a way to meet and connect and see if we can work together, that’s all. No sales, no pressure.