“Huge congratulations on your beautiful book, I absolutely loved it!  What a fantastic story! 

I really liked all the ideas and worksheets included at the back as I feel it really gives the reader the ability to interact with the story at a deeper level.  I especially liked the permission to write in the book and make it your own! 

I thought about it from the perspective of working with SEN children and I felt it really lends itself to use in small group work with children who also have a diagnosis of ADHD.  I think it’s got some great group work discussion opportunities to maybe get a group to identify characteristics of ADHD and how they relate those to themselves.  To expand on that I could imagine then broadening the discussion to look at strategies people use to help with some of the characteristics. 

I also felt that there was room to expand a discussion around bullying and look at strategies for that too.  It would be a good lead-in for teachers perhaps to work on how individual schools deal with bullying and flag processes and procedures in place for reporting etc. 

It could also be lovely to look at some of the ADHD characteristics as superpowers – the section where Nana talks about the positives – and perhaps, depending on the age group, have children expand some of these to create their own ADHD superhero bespoke to them”.