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Here I will list the public events that I am attending and let you know if Poppy will be with me. 

Well-being for Winter Workshop £40 p.p

Saturday 10th of December 2022

Doddleston Village Hall, Doddleston, Chester.

Winter is a time when nature and wildlife hibernate and there is good reason for this.

It is a season of quietness, rest, recovery and re-calibration for Spring, when the days begin to get longer, the weather warms and entices all those bulbs to begin sprouting into their full beauty. 

Animals birth young ones and everything comes alive with lush plumage on trees, valleys and mountains. 

Humans tend to just keep going regardless of the season, frantically ticking off tasks on the never ending to-do lists and of course, Christmas doesn’t help with all the busy-ness it demands. 

So at this short 3-hour workshop, we will gather together in a small intimate and welcoming space to discuss and equip ourselves with our self-care and wellness tools enabling us to utilise the winter season as an opportunity for rest, recovery and re-calibration. 

We will open with a welcoming tea ceremony, leading to Julie’s aromatherapy and olfactory therapy workshop where we will learn about the power of healing oils and scents, while also making our individual take-home essential oil.

After a refreshment break, Michelle will guide us through a ‘journaling for self-care’ session where we will each identify our personal self care tools and resources and create a plan for the winter season.

After one more break, Sam with teach us about the power of massage and guide us through the process of self massage, gently leading us to our closing sharing circle. You will leave with a tailor made plan for your winter well-being, tools and resources and your very own massage oil.

Contact Michelle directly to book your place. 



Michelle Foulia, Author, Coach, Speaker