Coaching but unlike any coaching you have known…

Unlock Your Full Potential: Embrace Transformation Through My Personal Coaching Techniques

  • Are you tired of constantly battling emotional roadblocks that hinder your progress?
  • Do you find yourself trapped in a cycle of procrastination, anxiety, and insecurity, preventing you from reaching your true potential?
  • What about those pesky physical symptoms that seem to manifest when you’re under stress?
  • Do you feel stuck? Trapped? Repeating cycles or patterns from the past and don’t know how to break out of them?
  • Do you have dreams but feel surrendered to life as it is, just surviving, ticking boxes, pleasing everyone, and being at the bottom of the pile?
  • Do you wish there was just ONE person who could see your potential, and help you reach it? To pull you out of that pile, and walk with you over that bridge to your desired life?

Imagine a life where you feel confident, empowered, energised, healthy, and in control.

A life where self-sabotaging behaviours and triggers no longer hold you back.

It’s time to delve deep into the core of these issues and emerge as the best version of yourself

Are you ready to embark on a journey of self-discovery and growth?

Through a powerful blend of coaching, bibliotherapy, hypnotherapy, and therapeutic writing, I will guide you to heal at the very root level of your being.

Together, we will gently unpack and explore the emotional symptoms that have been weighing you down.

Why do you procrastinate?

What fuels your anxiety?

Where does your lack of confidence stem from?

Let’s unravel these mysteries and create lasting change.

But it doesn’t stop there. We will delve even deeper, uncovering the underlying causes of your self-sabotaging behaviours, habits, and triggers. By understanding these hidden patterns, we can dismantle them and pave the way for your personal transformation.

Words hold immense prophetic power, and I will harness that power to support your healing journey. Through my intuitive coaching, I will empower you to reclaim control over your narrative and reshape your beliefs. Bibliotherapy will introduce you to a world of wisdom and inspiration, unlocking new perspectives and fostering personal growth. Hypnotherapy will tap into your subconscious mind, rewiring it for success and self-empowerment. And therapeutic writing will provide an outlet for self-expression and reflection, aiding in your healing process. In addition, I use tools such as olfactory therapy, forest bathing, guided visualisation, and interactive powerful exercises that break those shackles once and for all, releasing you into your freedom and power.

Are you ready to break free from the chains that bind you? Together, we will embark on a profound journey of self-discovery, nurturing your mind, body, and spirit. It’s time to unlock your full potential and create the life you’ve always desired.

Reach out to me today, and let’s begin this transformative adventure together.

Michelle Foulia smiling at the camera with a Greek coffee next to her in the garden


“Everything begins with a thought – a word, a picture, and creates your personal reality.”


“For years I have been struggling with weight loss without a permanent solution. I would lose weight, feel great and then put it all back on again and feel depressed, and suicidal. It was affecting my self-image and confidence. I was desperate.

During our coaching, I realised I had a food addiction connected to my past experiences as a child. I was completely unaware of this connection and had unknowingly been sabotaging myself for decades!

 Always in and out of depression, I used food for consolation, affirmation, and comfort. 

Even though our sessions were done virtually as I live overseas, Michelle created a safe, trusted, confidential, and relaxing atmosphere.

I started to lose weight, felt more confident, and most importantly, I didn’t gain it back. Through valuable tools, and guidelines she equipped me to help myself, helped me gain control over my life, and fulfill my goal. 

Lia A.


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