Michelle and Poppy are available for Author Visits

One of the bonuses of publishing a book like Poppy’s Miracle’, is that it is based on a real dog, little Poppy, who accompanies me to events, book signings and school visits.

Not only do the children get to hear about the real story behind the book, they get to also meet Poppy who is gentle, calm, sweet and lovely. In fact, she would make an exceptional therapy dog.

I can tailor my visit to suit the purpose of the school and even bring Amanda Meaden, the book illustrator along. That way I can talk about the writing process, Amanda can talk about the art and the children get to meet the hero of the story, Poppy!

Michelle and Poppy
Michelle and Poppy with the book

The value Poppy’s Miracle brings

Poppy’s Miracle is written is such a way as to add therapeutic value through prompts for writing, drawing or discussion, but also as a tool to develop reading comprehension, exploring of vocabulary, creative writing and many other literacy targets.

The photos below are of the book launch in a dog friendly café at Poppy’s favourite country park. You can see from the photos how gentle she is and the joy she brought to the children who met her

“…what a beautiful, humorous, compelling story filled with hope for us all. It’s a story every child will want to read…”

“‘Poppy’s Miracle’ is an uplifting true story, filled with compassion, care and understanding. 
The dilemmas faced by the family in the book provide springboards for discussion, where children can be encouraged to think freely and deeply as they explore their own understanding of the world. 
The family’s actions also signpost how children can be supported to notice the vulnerable, get involved in their communities and make a positive difference in the world in which they live”.

Julia Warren
Primary School teacher & remedial reading teacher

Dearest Michelle, what a beautiful, humorous, compelling story filled with hope for us all. It’s a story every child will want to read.

You showed us that amazing things can happen when you trust and follow your dreams. It is also very informative regarding the subject of ADHD; I know many parents will be grateful for your insight and advice.
Your ideas for coping mechanisms will be of great value, I know. The opportunity for the reader to reflect on the story in written form and relate it to their own experiences are valuable activities.

Asking children to focus on their own personal qualities will enrich their self-esteem, I’m sure. The comprehension elements of the integrated activities will improve comprehension skills, including inference and deduction skills.
Moreover, you’ve given children the opportunity to write their own version of the story which will enable them to practise a variety of creative writing skills: the effective use of descriptive vocabulary, sequencing, paragraphs, structure, punctuation and grammar, etc. The book would make an excellent teaching aid!
‘Poppy’s Miracle’ is a lot more than just a children’s book!!!

You should be commended for producing a story with so many layers of interest to hold the reader. I loved the photographs which enhanced and complemented the text. Your personal information gives readers an insight of you as a mother, wife, friend and author.

As an adult, I thoroughly enjoyed reading the book so I’m sure it won’t be confined to young readers!

Athena Yardley
Retired middle school teacher (ages 9-11) with 30 years' experience

“Poppy’s Miracle by Michelle Foulia is a beautifully written and illustrated book. It shows the importance of rescue pets, and the value these pets can have in the lives of neurodiverse children. A warm, life-affirming and important book, full of essential information and exercises to help young readers” 

Bob Stone
Owner, Write Blend Bookshop, Waterloo, Liverpool

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