The Nook

Welcome to The Nook, a book club haven for women, designed just for you on your healing journey. I understand that healing is not just about overcoming challenges; it’s about rediscovering your true essence, reclaiming your agency, and nurturing the authentic self that may have been obscured by life’s trials.

We start on
Thursday the 4th of April 2024 (4/4/24!) at 19.00 UK time (20.00 BST)

At The Nook, we embrace the power of bibliotherapy, using carefully curated books to guide you back to wholeness. As someone who has traversed the lonely path of healing for decades, I’ve witnessed firsthand the transformative power of books in navigating the complexities of life. That’s why I’ve poured my heart into creating this unique space where therapy meets literature.

But The Nook is more than just a book club. It’s a fusion of various therapeutic modalities, from hypnotherapy to olfactory therapy, from therapeutic  writing to forest therapy, and beyond. Each session is thoughtfully crafted to not only soothe your soul but also stimulate your senses, foster connection, and ignite the spark of healing within.

Whether you’re grappling with mental or physical illness, toxic habits, relationship struggles, or simply seeking solace in a chaotic world, The Nook is here to support you. Together, we’ll explore the pages of healing narratives, engage in enriching activities, and embark on a journey of self-discovery and growth.

The Nook - a book club for women

Join us at The Nook and let’s embark on this transformative journey together. You are not alone. You are worthy of healing, and The Nook is here to help you every step of the way.

Definition of nook

A discrete place offering refuge, seclusion or security.

Other words associated with nook are: refuge, hideout, retreat, shelter, nest, lair, sanctuary,
safe space, hermitage, sanctum.

This is the feeling I want to engulf you in at The Nook. A place where you are seen, heard, valued and ‘held’ lovingly and compassionately.

What makes this book club different?

It uses all the senses to encourage us to go deeper within ourselves, to connect to our inner wisdom, to find our inner sanctuary, to heal, and grow. We will be using the sense of touch, taste, smell, hearing, seeing and intuition to truly experience the books we are reading as well as to participate in optional specially curated activities such as cooking, gardening, forest bathing, wild swimming, therapeutic writing, and others.

Special monthly guest speakers will share their knowledge and wisdom to further help us on our healing journeys. These may be people who have overcome adversity and can share their story, or healers with expertise in specific modalities.

How does it work?

Online via Zoom weekly gatherings. Suggestions for related (optional) activities or experiences will be emailed in advance of each meet-up to help you prepare and immerse yourself in this journey, enabling you to create your very own nook at home. During our meetings there will be guest speakers, discussion, therapeutic writing, and other enjoyable activities.

How much?

The monthly membership costs £45 per month. You can cancel anytime, there is no commitment to stay for any length of time. For new people joining, I recommend you join at the start of our next book so that you maintain momentum.

Michelle, petting her dog Poppy

Who is it for?

The Nook is ideal for you if

  • You are struggling with depression, anxiety, low self-esteem, and regular burn out.
  • You are dealing with a chronic health condition
  • You feel a sense of not belonging, isolation, loneliness but don’t know how to take the steps to make changes.
  • You battle with unhealthy habits that are impacting your life and preventing you from thriving.
  • You have been affected by trauma or any type of adversity and don’t know where to start with your healing process.
  • You have tried therapy but didn’t find it helpful and want to help yourself while also discovering what other options are there to help you on your healing journey, or you want to be proactive in doing your own work alongside any other therapy you are accessing.
  • You want to heal as part of a collective. We heal best when we heal together and this has been taken out of our societies. We used to talk more, cry together, dance together around fires and the community would facilitate our healing. Now we are battling alone.
  • You want to learn about modalities you may never have heard of and be inspired by other women’s stories.

About me.

I am Michelle Foulia, a blend of British and Greek heritage, born and raised in Cyprus before making the transition to the UK at the age of 13. Since then, I’ve split my time between these two countries, finding inspiration in their diverse cultures and landscapes.

My journey as a healing writer began with a spark ignited by my primary school teacher, Mrs. Nitsa. She planted a seed in my heart, envisioning a future where I would pen books that would resonate deeply and perhaps even change lives. However, life took unexpected turns as I encountered numerous traumatic events and battled chronic illness along the way.

Despite these challenges, I pursued avenues of study in counselling, animal-assisted therapy, bibliotherapy, and clinical hypnotherapy. Each experience enriched my understanding of human nature and resilience, shaping my perspective as both a writer and a healer.

Although my path diverted, the call to writing remained steadfast. I returned to my first love, infusing my personal experiences into therapeutic narratives aimed at empowering and inspiring others. In 2022, I achieved a milestone with the publication of my debut book, “Poppy’s Miracle,” a poignant children’s tale and journal chronicling my family’s journey with ADHD. Through this work, I aimed to foster awareness, understanding, and acceptance of ADHD among children while empowering them to navigate their challenges and celebrate their unique gifts.

My writing journey continues to evolve, with each book for both adults and children bearing the imprint of personal experience and carrying a transformative message of hope. As I weave words into stories, my
ultimate vision remains unchanged: to touch hearts, provoke thought, and contribute to a world enriched by the power of words.

Michelle Foulia, Author, Coach, Speaker

Why am I creating a therapeutic book club?

My parents died within months of each other when I was 5 years old. It marked the beginning of more loss, and trauma where I had to become the person I needed to be simply to survive but never ever to ‘live’ or thrive. I adapted and moulded myself like a chameleon or as a therapist once remarked “a shapeshifter” in every ever-changing situation of move after move, loss after loss, pain after pain.

I coped by losing myself in myself, travelling to worlds and landscapes created in my imagination since I was physically trapped in my circumstances with no hope of escape. There were no trusted adults in my environment so I took comfort in my dogs. There was no one I could learn from, go to with burning questions about life or the world, or confide in.

One Christmas, a neighbour gifted me a book. It was the first Christmas I ever received a gift. She said it was from Santa. He left it with her because he couldn’t find our house since we had no electricity and he couldn’t see our house from the sky.

The book was not a child-appropriate book (Jayne Eyre) but I soaked it up as if it was the most magnificent fairy tale. I didn’t fully understand much of the romance related to the story, but I recognised something in me when Jayne finally found her true happiness in finding herself.

“I care for myself. The more solitary, the more friendless, the more unsustained I am, the more I will respect myself.”
Jayne Eyre

It hit home, her journey of struggle, of being unseen, of being the person she needed to be to survive and to coming back full circle to herself.

That book gave me the hope that I needed desperately. I hang on to that hope, feeling that there was someone else like me, that I was not alone. I read it over and over until I could access other books much later on.

In time, when I was finally in control of my life, books and films became my teachers. I navigated life through what I read and watched. I learned to cook from books, to grow food, I understood relationships, science, philosophy, money, religion and many other concepts through the words on pages or visually in films. They became my teachers, mentors, confidants, guides, and healers.

It is no surprise that as I have been coming full circle to myself, I have studied bibliotherapy and value the power of book over and above anything else. The most accessible, and powerful healing modality.
So now as I consider how best to use my experiences, knowledge, training and desire to bring healing in the lives of others, I chose books over traditional therapy. In traditional therapy (as a therapist) I would see one person at a time and be limited by time and ethical frameworks of the therapy organisations.

With books I can facilitate the healing journey, I can connect us to one another, and in community and as a collective we can learn, grow, cry, laugh, talk, share, listen, write, feel, and heal. No time constraints or frameworks to deduce from the experience of humans connecting to heal.

Of course it costs much less than traditional therapy although this does not mean you should choose one over the other, in fact this book club is perfectly suited to participate alongside your other therapy and I encourage you to do so.
I have been shown a different way, I have been gifted a modality that helped me and probably saved my life and now I want to gift it to you.

“Books can be dangerous. The best ones should be labelled “This could change your life.” 
Helen Exley

“Michelle creates a safe, trusted, confidential, and relaxing atmosphere.”
“Through valuable tools and resources, Michelle equipped me to help myself, helped me gain control over my life, and fulfill my goal” 
“Michelle’s words and stories inspire me to continue to be the person I want to be, not what others want to see”
“Michelle has a calming yet vibrant energy. I could not recommend her highly enough”
“At a recent online workshop on the power of words, Michelle covered so many useful points for understanding the power of words and demonstrated great ways to utilise simple, freely available, and effective principles.”