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Introducing Poppy’s Miracle:

Unlock the Power Within your Child with ADHD.

Are you tired of seeing your child with ADHD struggle to read and engage with books, all while feeling isolated or defined by their condition?

Poppy’s Miracle is here to change the game! We’ve crafted a heartwarming, dyslexia-friendly chapter book that not only captivates young minds but also empowers them to embrace their unique gifts.

Poppy's Miracle, Children's book

🌟 The Ultimate Solution for Kids Aged 9-12 🌟

Poppy’s Miracle is tailor-made for children aged around 9-12, although we understand that each child’s reading journey is unique. We’ve created a literary haven where ADHD is not a hurdle but a stepping stone to success.

📖 What’s It All About? 📖

Meet ten-year-old Alex, a spirited youngster who dreads his family’s trip to Greece because it takes him away from the safety and comfort of his room and home. Little does Alex know that this vacation will transform his life forever when he crosses paths with an abandoned, wounded puppy.

Join Alex on a heartwarming journey as he vows to nurse the puppy back to health and bring her back to England. Can he and his family overcome the myriad of challenges that stand in their way? More importantly, can Alex convince his loved ones that ADHD is not a disorder but a gift waiting to be unwrapped? Discover if determination alone can make miracles happen!

But that’s not all; Poppy’s Miracle goes beyond the story. It includes journal pages filled with engaging activities that help readers process, understand, and celebrate themselves and their unique gifts.
Inspired by a True Story

📚 Who Can Benefit from Poppy’s Miracle? 📚

👪 Parents: Understand your child’s ADHD better and equip yourself with tools to help them manage their challenges while celebrating their extraordinary gifts.

🧒 Children with ADHD: Through Alex and Poppy’s adventures, kids can relate to their own challenges and learn to harness their strengths instead of dwelling on their disorder.

👩‍🏫 Teachers: This book is a treasure trove for educators, providing a KS2 resource that fosters literacy, enriches vocabulary, and aligns with PHSE and the Welsh Curriculum 4 Core Purposes. It also opens the door for meaningful discussions and writing exercises through its prompts and activities.

🧘‍♂️ Child Psychotherapists, Counsellors, and Care Workers: Poppy’s Miracle offers a gentle, personalized approach to working with neurodivergent children. It helps them understand their ADHD, discover their gifts, and boost their self-esteem and confidence. The prompts create a neutral ground for one-on-one sessions, allowing conversations to flow naturally and deepen understanding.

🏡 Foster Carers: This book provides a heartwarming way to connect with foster children who have ADHD. It makes them feel heard, seen, validated, accepted, valued, and celebrated. With its roots in a real-life ADHD journey, it offers endless opportunities for bonding and conversation.

Don’t miss out on the chance to transform your child’s perspective on ADHD and empower them to embrace their unique talents. Dive into Poppy’s Miracle today, and together, let’s unveil the true potential hidden within every child! 🌟

What parents are saying:

“It was a beautiful book, very informative and well written. As soon as I picked it up, I couldn’t put it down – finished it in one day!” Anonymous Amazon Review

“What a fabulous story that paints an honest and heartwarming picture of a family with ADHD. The author creates the feelings and often raw emotions that run through family relationship dynamics and cleverly intertwines the behaviours, doubts and struggles of each member. I will be recommending this book to the families I work with” Utopia J.

“Poppy’s Miracle is a true gem, inspiring and uplifting. I absolutely love the journaling ideas at the back of the book and how interactive it is for the reader. Most of all I love the underlying message of celebrating uniqueness as a gift rather than an obstacle” Anonymous Amazon Review

“Usually, as I have dyslexia, I personally am not a big reader. However, as this book was so engaging I read it all in one night!
Love the fact that it is produced in a dyslexia friendly font, with large font size/spacing. It made it easy for me to follow instead of getting lost.
This book was very heart warming. I could relate to the author, when her son received a diagnosis, which lead to the author being diagnosed with a medical condition. As the same happened to me and my daughter with something similar.
I love how it gives suggestions at the back of how to recognise and deal with your emotions.
Michelle is an inspiration, proving you can achieve anything as long as you have that determination inside you.
Well done Michelle, it was lovely to meet you and Poppy today at the book signing.
A lovely positive book with a key message at the end – to just be yourself, and let that light inside of you shine!
I hope you do more books in the future” Jennifer K.

What Coaches, and Therapists are saying:

“I love your book. It has given me a feel, and insight of ADHD.  I mentioned it to a parent today and they never realised materials, tastes and textures were affected by it.

I will use it in a variety of ways through topics I cover in my work such as:

  • Compassion
  • Resilience
  • ADHD
  • Uniqueness
  • Empathy

Thank you so much for writing it!” Jade. Youth Psychotherapist

“Your book, I love the story and that it is true, what a lovely family!

I think this would be great for use with younger children.  I thought it would be a useful tool for primary ages within a group setting, and to incorporate it into story time, maybe a chapter each day, with relevant activities around the subject because even the neurotypical children could make good use of it also. I loved the back of the book with the worksheets etc… a brilliant idea!”
Sarah Davies RegMBACP Accred Talkroom Counselling

“Huge congratulations on your beautiful book, I absolutely loved it!  What a fantastic story!
I really liked all the ideas and worksheets included at the back as I feel it really gives the reader the ability to interact with the story at a deeper level.  I especially liked the permission to write in the book and make it your own!

I thought about it from the perspective of working with SEN children and I felt it really lends itself to use in small group work with children who also have a diagnosis of ADHD.  I think it’s got some great group work discussion opportunities to maybe get a group to identify characteristics of ADHD and how they relate those to themselves.  To expand on that I could imagine then broadening the discussion to look at strategies people use to help with some of the characteristics.

I also felt that there was room to expand a discussion around bullying and look at strategies for that too.  It would be a good lead-in for teachers to work on how individual schools deal with bullying and flag processes and procedures in place for reporting etc.

It could also be lovely to look at some of the ADHD characteristics as superpowers – the section where Nana talks about the positives – and perhaps, depending on the age group, have children expand some of these to create their own ADHD superhero bespoke to themClaire Luxford Counsellor and Accredited Member of the BACP

“Loved the story of Poppy’s rescue from Greece. The writer paints a picture of the ups and downs of difference from the perspective of the whole family. Wonderful clear tips on what can help and encouragement to accept yourself and encouragement to have the best life possible by embracing your uniqueness and finding the best way forward” Stella Neophytou. Grief Counsellor, and Coach.

“Omg what a moving book not only on the poppy journey front but on a exploring emotion and allowing children to express their feelings truly heart felt read well done Michelle as a therapist myself who has heard adult stories of their struggle with their neurodivergent as they are trying to find their way in world if they had this when they were younger would have been a great help great resource well done Michelle” Karen Font Coach, therapist and founder of the podcast ‘You are more than your labels’

“Michelle, I am sitting here with tears streaming down my face after just having finished your beautiful book.
The whole story is so moving and the work sheets at the back are really incredible” Marie Crawford. Retired Occupational Therapist and founder of Hafod Moor Alpaca Therapy Farm.

What Book Experts are saying:

“This heartwarming book celebrates not just the value of adopting a rescue pet, but the very real benefit those pets bring to our lives, and especially to the lives of children who need that extra support. The story is delightfully told, full of warmth, humour and a great deal of heart. The text is enhanced by Amanda Meaden’s illustrations, which are full of character and life. The book also contains a series of very valuable exercises and the true story behind the book, including pictures of the magnificent Poppy herself. A much needed and heartfelt book. Congratulations!” Bob Stone. Bookshop Owner

What Teachers are saying:

“Dearest Michelle, what a beautiful, humorous, compelling story filled with hope for us all. It’s a story every child will want to read.
You showed us that amazing things can happen when you trust and follow your dreams. It is also very informative regarding the subject of ADHD; I know many parents will be grateful for your insight and advice.
Your ideas for coping mechanisms will be of great value, I know. The opportunity for the reader to reflect on the story in written form and relate it to their own experiences are valuable activities.
Asking children to focus on their own personal qualities will enrich their self-esteem, I’m sure. The comprehension elements of the integrated activities will improve comprehension skills, including inference and deduction skills.
Moreover, you’ve given children the opportunity to write their own version of the story which will enable them to practise a variety of creative writing skills: the effective use of descriptive vocabulary, sequencing, paragraphs, structure, punctuation and grammar, etc. The book would make an excellent teaching aid!
‘Poppy’s Miracle’ is a lot more than just a children’s book!!!
You should be commended for producing a story with so many layers of interest to hold the reader. I loved the photographs which enhanced and complemented the text. Your personal information gives readers an insight of you as a mother, wife, friend and author.
As an adult, I thoroughly enjoyed reading the book so I’m sure it won’t be confined to young readers!”
Athena Yarley. Retired middle school teacher (ages 9-11) with 30 years’ experience

“Poppy’s Miracle is an uplifting true story, filled with compassion, care and understanding.
The dilemmas faced by the family in the book provide springboards for discussion, where children can be encouraged to think freely and deeply as they explore their own understanding of the world.
The family’s actions also signpost how children can be supported to notice the vulnerable, get involved in their communities and make a positive difference in the world in which they live”. Julia Warren. Primary School teacher & remedial reading teacher

“Thank you for providing me with an awesome classroom reader. I used it in my year 7 reading & literacy class for the whole term. When I showed them the front cover they were very excited. When I mentioned the main character has ADHD, one of the children immediately put their hand up and stated that he had ADHD just like Alex. When I asked who wanted to start reading aloud from the book, 9 hands shot up in a class of 12 which is a first ever for our reading class. It has allowed us to use a number of reading strategies such as skimming & scanning, questioning, reading forwards & backwards, visualising, predicting, and others.
Although I’ve been using the book for literacy and reading, the book lends itself perfectly to using it for PSHE too. The message of accepting yourself is so well communicated, as well as understanding your labels, what makes you tick and what ADHD actually is, I feel it is a fabulous education tool and the way you have highlighted the symptoms and managing of them, is spot on” Joseph C.

What readers are saying:

Buy  your copy of Poppy’s Miracle


Ten-year-old Alex doesn’t want to go on holiday to Greece with his family.

The only advantage is being far away from Jason, who bullies him for having ADHD. What Alex doesn’t realise is that this holiday will change his life forever when he meets a stray, abandoned puppy. When the puppy is injured, Alex is determined to care for her and take her back home to England.

Can Alex and his family overcome the mountain of challenges to reach his dream? And can he prove to his family that ADHD is a gift, not a disorder?

Will determination be enough to make this miracle come true?

This book, written in dyslexia-friendly font, also includes journal pages with activities to help the reader process, understand and celebrate themselves and their gifts.

Based on a true story.

This is a fabulous book to read with your child, grandchild, foster child, or if you are a therapist or teacher, carer, working with children, mentoring them to celebrate themselves and know just how beautiful they are.

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